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why cmyfleet

We specialize in transportation of food products in liquid state. As a food grade carrier, we do
have quality control standards that include Kosher Certification.

It’s our goal to be flexible and accommodating to do the best job for your company.


cMyFleet has built a reputation in food-grade liquid freight delivery system. From pick-up to delivery, cMyFleet will move your business with accuracy and on-time shipping services.


Currently, cMyFleet delivers to Baltimore and surroundings states. However, we are willing to accommodate our clients' needs, whether that means expanding our delivery map, purchasing more fleet, hiring new drivers, etc. You tell us what you need.


No matter the capacity of our company’s fleet, clients can be guaranteed that every cMyFleet tanker is of the highest quality. All of our tankers are strictly food-grade and Kosher certified.


We track the locations of all of our tankers using a GPS system. Not only does this allow us to quickly respond to any possible delays, but we also offer our clients the ability to track their deliveries alongside us through a shareable link.

Our values

SAFETY: Our first priority is the safety of our services. We perform annual inspections on all of our fleet and adhere to any technical malfunctions before delivering. This ensures the safety of our drivers and a spotless delivery.

PERSONALIZED SERVICES: Our company is family-owned, and we like to translate this dynamic to our partnerships. We listen to our valued clients' specific objectives and strive to achieve them. 

PROBLEM SOLVING: We are always striving to provide quick responses to any issues that may arise by maintaining constant surveillance on our fleet, as well as maintaining contact with drivers and clients.

GROWTH AND IMPROVEMENT: We know there is always room to improve. We happily accept any feedback from our clients and hope to use this feedback to grow cMyFleet.